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  •        領先旅遊成立于2000年,十九年來緻力于歐洲深度遊、品質遊産品的研發推廣,成為最專業的歐洲旅遊産品批發商。2018年服務遊客近1.5萬名,其中三分之一以上是深度遊系列産品。         

    Leadtime Tour was established in 2000. Within 19 years, we dedicate efforts to the In-Depth Development of Tourism; provide quality tourism products, and we have become the top professional European tourism product wholesalers. In 2018, over 15,000 tourists visited Europe through us, and more than one third visitors enjoyed the In-Depth Development of Tourism. Leadtime Tour concentrates on tourism industry, we specialized in Europe Tours. We focus on serving the retail tour operators, rather than serve visitors directly. Our target is concentrate on provide the best products to help our clients to attract more returning customers. Thanks to the 19 years’ rich experiences, we have become the more professional one in the field. We promoted numerous innovations in the tourism industry. We were the first one the launch the In-Depth Development of Tourism to the field. By now, "Thorough Tour in United Kingdom; Thorough Tour in Switzerland; Thorough Tour in France; and Thorough Tour in Italy", together with other products are representatives of Thorough Tour in Europe. Leadtime Tour was the first agency who upgraded the Independent Tourist’s hotel to Four Star Hotels, improved the meal standard. Now the Five-Star European Hotel also has become regular feature in Independent Tourists Groups. Leadtime Tour has extremely advantages on Europe's Business Visits, Bonus Travel Groups, Luxurious Cruise Vacations, and Special Themed Tours. We have more than 100 professional European tour consultants providing tailor-made trips, providing the most possible experience of cost-effective products according to the intention of every tourist. We are the specified agency who owns the green channel in terms of visa application. Especially in the Embassies of Switzerland, France to China. We have come out in front in the sales ranking in Air China, British Airways, Lufthansa and other quality Airlines. Pursuing Win-Win results for all employees both material and spiritually, and contributing to the construction of harmonious society are the core value of Leadtime Tour, this not only made us who we are, but also created vast recognition in tourism industry. LeadTime Tour wins Prizes in the industry. Since 2005, we have been rated as Top Ten outbound Tour wholesaler-Thorough Europe Tour" for ten consecutive years; Top Ten Tour Wholesaler for Tour with special Characteristics; and also won the Travel Service Innovation Award "," United Kingdom Travel Expert Agency ", to name just a few. Leadtime Tour, lead as long as time goes, this is a shared goal of all staff. We will continue to concentrate on tourism industry, take Europe as our focus. We spare no efforts to provide better products for all Chinese people travelling to Europe, to make Europe tour the best memories they can ever have.
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